Guardian of the Fire Shrine

posted June 27th, 2014, 8:18 am

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June 27th, 2014, 8:21 am




The Fire Shrine is guarded by Aesera, Aspect of Fire and War. The phoenix is her familiar, charged with watching the shrine when she is absent. However, the corruption spreading due to Ganondorf’s return has changed it from noble beast to a creature of twisted anger, with teeth and horns of obsidian, and wings of pure fire.

Size references are shown, to give a rough idea of how big each creature is compared to someone of Link’s height and build. Color charts are also given, mostly for my own benefit.

The wispy lines are to show where fire will be. Since this isn’t colored, drawing it felt kind of pointless, so I just drew the lines where it would be: the tail of the phoenix, and the tip of the tail and wings of the dragon.

The dragon has a very particular design to it. My friend Sarah did an original concept of the dragon for the old version of the story ages ago, which can be found here:

I LOVED that design, but wanted to tweak it to kind of show that it used to be a bird-like creature before it was corrupted. Therefore, it has no arms, only wings, and two legs. Also note that it’s ‘mouth’ is more beak-like, and the horns tend to match the crown of the bird itself.

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